About me



I’m a freelancing 3D artist and compositor currently based in Hamburg, Germany. I have experience in architecture visualisation, product visualisation and commercials. I work in 3ds max, Vray, Nuke, After effects, Photoshop, Premiere and Realflow.


I really enjoy doing what I do and I love new challenges that make me grow as an artist. I believe that being passionate about your work has a major impact on the final result. I am constantly learning new things out of pure curiosity and for me my profession is something more than just getting the bills paid.


My experience comes from a film background and working on 3d animation projects in many different fields such as architectural visualisation, medical animations, game trailers and TV commercials. I am well aware of the demands in the business such as long days, deadlines and demanding customers. I understand the film language and I know the pipelines. I am therefore fully engaged in the whole project from storyboard to the final delivery. With experience in the technical areas and an eye for aesthetics I am able to approach a project from a technical as well as an artistic perspective.


Although I  also do solo work I am a team player and constantly looking for new challenges. I am pro-active, easy to get along with and motivated to achieve the best possible result through team work. Don’t hesitate to contact me for work requests or other inquiries.

“Johan was always able to easily translate any given briefing, to take directions and criticism and he worked well with deadlines. His calm and analytical manner made him resistant to stressful situations…” – The Marmalade

“…He worked with great care, reliability and self-initiative. He reached each of our set goals to our utmost satisfaction” – Acolori

“Johan has achieved the best weighted average grade for the MA in Postproduction with Visual Effects” – University of York

For the full references, contact me at: johanfors1@gmail.com